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The Meat House field and harvest market has the best meat in the area, but we’re not just about beef, poultry and seafood. We take great pride in having the freshest produce and a wide range of grocery market items. Each of our store locations features local vendors with regional favorites. From homemade desserts to prepared meals, we have everything you need to create a magnificent lunch, dinner or catered event. Simply put, we’re the market that makes you amazing!

Delicious Sandwiches

Through snow, rain, and gloom of night, people have come from far and wide for just one taste of our world famous sandwiches.

Whether it’s our juicy Steak Tip sandwich or our fiery Chicken Fire Dancer, our sandwiches are a perfect meal for lunch, dinner, or the afternoon blues.

Hot or Cold, our sandwiches, subs, and heroes are made with the freshest ingredients, crafted to perfection, and drizzled with one of our many hand made specialty sauces and marinades.

Fresh Soups & Salads

Our salads are fresh, crisp and made to order! Our salad bar guru is a master in the salad bar arts! Chopped, diced, shaken or stirred, our salads are crafted in house, right in front of your eyes!

With a whole variety of fresh vegetables, proteins, fruits, and dressings, our salad bar is packed to the brim with color and creativity! Come in today and you’ll absolutely see what all the fuss is about!

Meat & Potatoes

We’re more than meat you know! While our butcher section is certainly a claim to fame, we are a whole marketplace of fresh and local produce, dairy, artisan cheeses, dry goods, wine and beer!

Our produce is always fresh, we go through each fruit and vegetable by hand to ensure that you get nothing less than delicious quality fruits and vegetables.

We have an impeccable selection of wine and beer, imported, domestic, IPA, and micro-brewed. Come check out our collection and we promise you will not be disappointed!