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We take great pride in being very particular on where we source our proteins, based on sustainability and quality.

We carry only USDA Certified Black Angus Top Choice or Prime Grade Beef. Most of our Beef comes from the mid-western United States and farms that focus on sustainable farming, humane practices and top quality beef. The Cattle are grass fed up until the last 6 months of its life when it is vegetarian, non-gmo grain fed to provide superior marbling. 

We carry Humanely Raised, Anti-Biotic, Steroid Free Birds that are cage free and eat an all natural, non-gmo diet. Our birds are very flavorful and tender.

Our Pork is all Natural, Raised without Anti-Biotics and Steroids. It has an abundance of marbling for a very tender, flavorful taste.

Our Lamb comes from Colorado and is the best you can get in the United States. Abundant Marbling for Exceptional Flavor and Tenderness.