Community Involvement

We at The Meat House have fond memories of walking down Main Street with our parents - making the rounds of the green grocer, the bakery, and the neighborhood butcher shop. People knew each other by name, and everyone was willing to lend a helping hand.

We're striving to revive that spirit; both in the way we serve our customers and in the role we play in our communities.

Those of us who love to cook and eat often share a generous outlook on life that welcomes in others and creates opportunities to bring people together.

We at The Meat House strive to embody and encourage that hometown spirit by:

  • Helping to promote local events and charities that offer opportunities for all of us to give something back to the community
  • Providing recipes specially selected for “foodies” and their loved ones
  • Sharing our own specialized knowledge in the art of butchery, cooking, and entertaining to encourage our customers and friends


Here are just a few of the ways The Meat House is giving back to the community:

Polar Grill Fest 

Visit to learn more!

Operation: Thank You!

First established in the Summer of 2004 by The Meat House and Redhook Ale Brewery as a way to honor the contributions and sacrifices of our military personnel and families, Operation: Thank You! has quickly become one of the most respected and anticipated military appreciation events in New England.

As a fundraising event for the Chaplain's Emergency Relief Fund, our mission is to raise awareness and support so that military Chaplains can continue to aid military personnel and families in the event of a crisis.

Cookout For A Cause

The Meat House's Cookout For A Cause program was established to help nonprofit and community organizations maximize the success of their fundraising events. Contact your local Meat House for more information.

**At participating locations only.**

Local Fundraising Opportunities

The Meat House has donated over $100,000 in cash donations, product and gift cards since 2003. Each Meat House location has a certain allocation of gift cards and product each month that they can share with their communities through donations.

If you are looking for donations to support your local cause or organization, please stop by your local Meat House location and submit a letter of request to the manager.

Donation Requests

Looking for a sponsorship or donation for an organization, event or charity? Use our Donation Request Form
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The Meat House : Operation Thank You
The Meat House: Operation Thank You
Community Involvement Community Involvement
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